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Your journey into the depths of sustainable energy starts here. This comprehensive library is designed as an educational hub where you can explore various topics that define our operations and vision. From the mechanics of carbon capture and storage to the financial opportunities offered by 45Q tax credits, you'll find detailed resources on all relevant topics here. Each subpage is a gateway to deeper understanding, illuminating the various dimensions of our work. Whether you're a landowner, a curious mind, or a student of the field, our library is tailored to enhance your understanding. Navigate through these resources and uncover the knowledge that underpins our shared mission for a sustainable future. Together, we learn, grow, and pave the path to a cleaner tomorrow.

Filling Out Tax Form
45Q Tax Credits

Discover how these federal tax incentives bolster carbon capture and sequestration projects, fostering a cleaner future.

 Strata, slate or shale rock layers..jpg
CO2 Shale Interaction

Explore how CO2 interacts with shale rock formations, enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of natural gas extraction.

oil business. a worker works next to an oil pump holding a laptop. industry business oil a
Fractured Reservoirs

Explore the complexity of naturally fractured reservoirs, understanding how their unique characteristics can enhance resource extraction.

Green factory industry for good environment ozone air low carbon footprint production conc
Net-Zero Natural Gas

Understand how we're achieving a balance between gas production and emissions reduction, striving for a net-zero carbon footprint.

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Aquifer Contamination

Dive into the technology and techniques used to prevent contamination of groundwater during drilling operations.

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Drilling Completion Tools

Understand the essential equipment used to successfully complete a drilled well.

drilling rig.jpg
Managed Pressure Drilling

Delve into this advanced drilling technique that precisely controls bottom hole pressure to ensure safer and more efficient operations.

Honeycombed rock formation on cliff wall at Elgol beach on the Isle of Skye..jpg
Pore Space

Delve into the legal and technical intricacies of pore space – the underground cavities where CO2 is stored after capture.

Industrial Smoke
Carbon Capture & Storage

Learn about this key technology that captures and safely stores CO2 emissions, contributing to the fight against climate change.

Old aged damaged marble bumpy uneven blocks. Trip pitted grunge granite tile cobble. Cragg
Formation Damage

Gain insights into potential harm to productive layers in a reservoir and the measures taken to prevent such damage.

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Marcellus Geology

Learn about the Marcellus Shale, one of our richest natural gas resources, and the unique geological aspects that make it a vital energy source.

Aerial top view commercial gasoline fuel truck driving through the middle green forest, Ga
Transport Infrastructure

Discover the logistics behind transporting captured CO2, a critical aspect of implementing effective carbon capture and storage solutions.

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