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At Southern Tier Solutions, we aim to make your leasing journey as seamless and clear as possible. We understand that making a decision about your land is significant, and we want you to be informed and confident every step of the way. Below, we outline the process you can expect when initiating a lease with us.

You can always reach us directly at:

The Leasing Process


Request a Lease

Your first step is to fill out the 'Request Initial Lease' form. This request is a commitment-free way to express your interest and set things in motion. Remember, at this stage, you are simply requesting to receive your personalized lease, not entering a binding contract; this form confirms your initial interest. Once you submit this form, we will check your information against county and state databases to ensure accuracy. Click the button below when you are ready to join us!


Receive Your Initial Lease for Review

Upon submitting your request, we'll begin creating your personalized lease, taking into consideration all the unique aspects of your property. This lease is sent directly to your email, allowing you to conveniently review it at your own pace. This is your opportunity to review all the details, ensuring everything is accurate, from the spelling of names to the listed addresses.


Request Finalized Lease for Execution

After reviewing your initial lease, inform us of any adjustments needed via our 'Request Finalized Lease' page.

We will then mail you a finalized lease packet for signing and notarization. The package will contain all necessary instructions, documents, and supplies. To facilitate this process, we happily cover all notary fees for our leasing partners.


Finalizing Your Lease

Once we receive your signed documents, we'll countersign them and prepare them for filing. We see this as a pivotal moment, the start of a partnership. This step is not only a formality, but it signifies our mutual commitment to this mission. Remember, no leases or memorandums will be filed until you, the landowner, have received your signing bonus. We look forward to reaching this milestone with you and beginning our collaborative efforts toward a cleaner future.

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