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The Story

Southern Tier CO2 to Clean Energy Solutions, also known as Southern Tier Solutions, was founded in 2023 with the primary goal of fostering a symbiotic relationship between the environment and the economy. As a pioneering force in the newly aligned carbon capture utilization and sequestration sector, we are dedicated to sequestering CO2 and utilizing it as a clean alternative to traditional water-based drilling fluids, opening up opportunities for natural gas production in areas of New York’s Southern Tier where conventional methods have been restricted.


We believe in progress, innovation, and ecological responsibility. By creating a circular process of capturing carbon dioxide and employing it to facilitate the extraction of natural gas, we aim for net-zero energy production. The balance between our carbon capture efforts and natural gas production is our formula for creating an environmentally friendly yet economically viable energy solution.


The core of our mission is to breathe new life into the communities of the Southern Tier. We are committed to contributing to their financial growth and job creation. We envisage a future where these communities can thrive economically while preserving their natural surroundings, shaping a sustainable future for generations to come.


As we journey through this path of clean energy innovation, we offer a unique opportunity for local landowners and future collaborators to be part of this revolutionary transition toward a cleaner, more prosperous future.


Welcome to Southern Tier Solutions, where we turn carbon into opportunities.

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The Proposal


Dear Southern Tier Landowners,


We wanted to share some positive news. I'm reaching out from Southern Tier CO2 to Clean Energy Solutions with an immediate and tangible proposition to tap the shale gas resources of the Marcellus and Utica shales and use the produced gas as fuel to generate clean or carbon-free electricity. The Southern Tier is the future of scalable decarbonized energy.


The Present Situation:


  • Harnessing Local Power: There is no doubt that beneath the Southern Tier lies a significant shale gas energy reserve. This reserve remains untapped as a result of the State prohibition on the High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing process.


  • Combating Carbon Emissions: There is no doubt that the same gas-bearing shale reservoirs have the storage capacity, in the form of untapped pore space, to sequester all the carbon dioxide required for the state to achieve its targeted goals in atmospheric carbon reductions. The Southern Tier is the future repository for carbon captured directly from the atmosphere and gathered from existing industrial sources.


Our Distinct Approach:


  • Innovation Over Tradition: We've developed an alternative to high-volume hydraulic fracking (HVHF). Our method utilizes no fresh water, no added chemicals, and no proppant and employs a CO2-driven process operating at significantly lower pressures. The process reestablishes conductivity within the existing natural fracture network and forms a new radial fracture network, turning the Marcellus and Utica shales into a dual source of energy production and carbon storage.


  • Our Clear Vision: Establish a series of operational hubs across the Southern Tier to bypass the limitations of the existing interstate and intrastate pipeline networks, using the produced natural gas as a feedstock for the local production of clean and reliable electricity.


  • State Policy Support: Our process is New York's answer to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, igniting economic growth, and providing uninterrupted baseload energy, all compliant within the existing regulatory framework and without competing with the States agenda to shift towards reliance on renewable carbon-free energy sources.


But why does this matter to you? Because this transformative vision starts right here, right now, with you, your land, and your voice, you hold the key that will unlock the power of the Southern Tier and place it at the global forefront of a sustainable energy revolution. Your action today, and the actions of many of your neighbors, is your ballot to cast, your vote to seize that vision, and to say to your community and state, "I support this opportunity."


Direct Benefits to You:


  • Financial Rewards: Our three (3) tiered approach provides for a 20% net revenue interest in the form of the usual royalty payments, novel CO2 storage payments, and innovative end-use product payouts. These aren't upfront lump sums, but the terms are fair and exceed anything offered by the industry in the past.

  • Local Economic Growth: Leasing your land to us means more than just an agreement; it's an investment in the community, local job creation, business growth, and a boosted economy.


  • Educational Collaboration: Providing local academic institutions with real-time technical data, enhancing their research capabilities.


  • Supporting Local Businesses: Prioritizing partnerships with local service providers at every stage.


Join Our Pioneering Effort:


  • The Plan: With your lease and the leases of thousands of more like-minded landowners, we'll commence a series of pilot wells across the Southern Tier. These wells are the crucial first step in gathering real-world reservoir data, demonstrating our approach's viability, and providing the blueprint for future full-scale development.


  • Mutual Respect: Your land and its value are paramount. Every landowner, regardless of property size, will receive equal and fair treatment.


How To Proceed:


  • Learn About the Project: We are committed to helping you and your family make an informed decision; please dive into our project at

  • FAQ: This page answers your immediate questions to provide a clear understanding of our aims.


  • Resource Library: Here, you get a comprehensive look at the science behind our methods and the regulations we attempt to navigate.


  • Oil, Gas & Subsurface Pore Space Lease: Take the active step.


  • Request a Lease: To review or share with others, this is your opportunity to examine your personal lease prior to execution. 


  • Signing Your Lease: We will correct any issues uncovered during your lease review and provide you with a step-by-step approach to the signing and notarization process.


This is your opportunity to finally realize the benefits of your subsurface resources. By uniting our efforts, we can make the Southern Tier a sustainable energy pioneer and a major contributor to the fight against global climate change. Thank you for your consideration of our proposal.


For a Greener Tomorrow Together,


Bryce P. Phillips,

President of Southern Tier CO2 to Clean Energy Solutions

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