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The Nature of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

By: Tom Bratton, Dao Viet Canh, Nguyen Van Que, Nguyen V. Duc, Paul Gillespie, David Hunt, Bingjian Li, Richard Marcinew, Satyaki Ray, Bernard Montaron, Ron Nelson, David Schoderbek, Lars Sonneland (Summer 2006)

The Nature of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

The paper discusses the unique and paradoxical nature of naturally fractured reservoirs in oil and gas production. Despite their initial high productivity, these reservoirs often experience a swift decline in output and are known for premature gas or water breakthroughs. Paradoxically, they also constitute some of the largest and most productive reservoirs globally.

This puzzling characteristic of naturally fractured reservoirs drives the industry's attempts to gain a more comprehensive understanding and model them with a higher degree of certainty. This understanding is crucial to enhance production strategies and improve the efficient extraction of hydrocarbons from these reservoirs.

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